Q: What material should I choose?

The choice of material for your product is probably one of the most important decisions you have to make. Many of our ranges come in either ‘mild’ steel or ‘stainless’ steel. These materials have similar properties in terms of strength and durability but perform very differently when exposed to moisture.

Stainless Steel
If you select a stainless steel version of any of our products you can be confident that the product can be used in wet, damp or moist environments.

The nature of the stainless steel material means it is not susceptible to pitting or rusting when exposed to water. This material should be selected for wet rooms, showers and bathrooms where water exposure is high - Stainless Steel products are covered by a 3 Year Warranty.

Mild Steel
If you select a mild steel version of any of our products you can be confident that the product will be durable in dry environments. This means that prolonged exposure to moisture will eventually cause first cosmetic damage, then potentially weaken the strength of the product. These products can be selected for dry areas and general use around the home or building - Mild Steel products are covered by a 1 Year Warranty.

Q: What finishes are available?

All of our products can be manufactured in a selection of high quality finishes and colours.

Mirror Polish For our stainless steel products we offer the ultimate in bright clean finish with this high-quality hand finished option. It is both durable, easy to maintain and is the perfect finish for the home and high-end installations.

Sateen Polish If you are seeking a warmer matt finish for your stainless steel products then select this sophisticated smooth finish. Often selected for high-usage locations it provides a high-end look and feel which is easy to clean and maintain.

Powder Coated Paint Finish A tough, oven baked coloured finish that provides a smooth and consistent coating for any of our mild or stainless steel products. We offer a standard range of popular colours, and at additional cost we can match colours to your specific requirements.

Chrome Plated Finish A traditional option for a bright metallic finish that is available for some of our mild steel products. This finish was often used to extend the life of mild steel products in moderately damp environments.

Q: What are the wall mounting options?

Our products are relied upon to provide security in what can be vulnerable situations. It is therefore critical that the products are mounted correctly and securely.

We offer a range of mounting options designed to provide security with style. There are three main options to consider all of which have three screw holes in each mounting.

Low-profile Concealed Fixings For use in high-end and home installations, the fixing is low profile and entirely hidden. These are used in our Distinction range products.

Concealed Fixings For an improved visual appearance the fixing is hidden but provides a large footprint for securing the products. This style is used in our Professional range.

Exposed Flange Fixings For use in public installations or where it is acceptable for the fitting to be exposed. This is a lower cost option and appears in our Essential range where value is the primary driver.

Q: What are the size, shape and diameter options?

We offer a large range of product sizes, shapes and diameters with ranges that are straight, cranked, L shaped and curved.

Shape The most important decision on size and shape is that it must provide the necessary safe support and benefit to the user. This means it must facilitate the user’s activity by providing grip in a natural ergonomic position. There are many guides and regulations regarding the fitting of such accessories for example BS8300: 2009 and Building Regulations: Access for use of Buildings, if you are in any doubt please contact our Sales Team.

Handed Products Throughout the catalogue we refer to some of our products as right or left hand. It is important that you look closely at the detailed product information for each product to ensure you select the correct hand product for your installation.

Sizes The question of size and shape is often constrained by the space that you have available in your location. We provide most of our ranges in commonly used standard lengths and common shapes. As an example, our grab rails come in lengths from 300mm to 750mm, for longer spans fixing is designed in to ensure strength and security.

Tube Diameter Whilst all our products comply with the British Standards the larger the diameter of product you select the more loading can be applied. For our 25mm diameter products we recommend loading of less than 120kg, for the 35mm products we recommend a maximum loading of 170kg.

Special Sizes If the size or shape you require is not in the catalogue please give us a call to see if we can meet your needs. As a UK manufacturer, we can let you know very quickly if your requirement is something we can provide.

Q: I need a hinge rail; do I need a double arm version with a drop down leg?

We offer a wide range of hinged rails for toilet and shower installations. There are single arm and double arm versions and a choice of rails with and without drop-down legs. Here you must consider both the frequency of use and the likely size of the user(s).

Single Arm or Double Arm A single rail will provide stabilisation to your user up to a maximum loading of 130kg. A double rail will provide enhanced stability and will take a load bearing up to 170kg.

Drop Down Legs A hinged rail with a drop down leg provides additional stability and security. The use of drop down legs does not increase the load bearing capability of the rails.

Friction or Slotting Our friction hinged rails and shower seats improve the ease of use for those with more limited capabilities.

The friction hinge makes dropping and engaging the rail or seat easier with a smoother action. Slotted rails need to be lifted from a locked position to be lowered by the user.